Junior Researcher on Call Service - an Easy Way to Make Virtual Visits to Schools and Educational Institutes!


Would you like to tell about your research to pupils and students, and get more contents to the public outreach part of your CV? Now it is easier than ever before! Inspired by the Skype a Scientist program, Young Academy Finland coordinates virtual visits to schools and educational institutes with a service called "Tutkija tavattavissa." It connects researchers with schools within Finland virtually via Skype or via other video chat service. Fill in the registration form in www.tutkijatavattavissa.fi and join in!

1. Go to www.tutkijatavattavissa.fi
2. Fill in the registration form. As we are only initiating the program now, the forms are currently only in Finnish but they will be translated to English in the spring. You can translate the questions with the help of Google translate and answer to the questions in English (sorry for the inconvenience!). There are questions e.g. about your field of study.
3. Wait for a reply from the coordinator who looks for a suitable school/class for you
4. Once you have obtained the contact information of the teacher, agree on the more precise contents and the time of the virtual visit
5. Pupils/students think questions related to the agreed topic. Questions will be sent to the researcher beforehand.
6. *Virtual visit takes place*. We also collect feedback from the researchers and teachers to be able to improve the service. First matching of schools and researchers will be done in February 2019. Thus now is the perfect time to register to the "Tutkija tavattavissa" service!

Fore more information, visit www.tutkijatavattavissa.fi or contact terhi.honkola(at)utu.fi.

* This blog post has been published in collaboration with Young Academy Finland.