We enhance interdisciplinary. international, and intergenerational learning in various ways:

Peer-support groups, forums, and workshops for students, junior scholars, and teachers engaging in interdisciplinary research

Peer-support groups will be organized around the country while forums will provide digital spaces for . The peer-support groups and related meetings are to be organized as of spring 2019.

Workshops will feature visiting Finnish and foreign scholars specialized in interdisciplinary methods and theory, providing an open space for participants at different careers to explore the connections they are passionate about. Workshops will be organized as soon as possible, building on the expertise, diverse backgrounds, and wide networks of FINTERDIS Board members. 

Do you want to organize and/or participate in the planning of a peer-support group or a workshop in your region? Please get in touch with us! info(at)


Surveys and interviews with scholars and students about the possibilities and limitations they have encountered in interdisciplinary research  

A working group within FINTERDIS will design and distribute a surveys in several Finnish universities. Each interest group (1. Graduate and postgraduate students; 2. Early-career researchers; 3. Teachers and research supervisors; 4. Advanced scholars, above the level of Title of Docent; and 5. Administrators and policy makers) will be sent a different survey tailored to understand their particular experiences. Each respondent will be asked to specify, in their own words, their fields of specialization and the institution(s) that they are affiliated with, to understand the extent to which different universities and fields have responded to challenges related to interdisciplinarity. The surveys will be complemented with group and individual interviews with willing survey respondents. Mixed-method setting serves the need to gain both generalizable and in-depth knowledge about the challenges of interdisciplinary work in Finnish universities.

We will share the results with higher education planners, university administrators, and advanced scholars so that interdisciplinary programs of the future could better take into account the experiences of junior scholars and students and the barriers they have run into when engaging interdisciplinarity. To share the results, we aim to organize public events to enable lively discussion between different interest groups and the academic public at large.

Have you conducted research on the experiences of junior scholars working in the Finnish academic context? Want to share your findings with our members? Please get in touch: info(at)


of Finnish scholars and sharing Finnish practices abroad

Many of FINTERDIS's founding members and current Board members have international academic experience and connections around the world, which have enriched our thinking and understanding about interdiscip-linarity. We believe that by engaging with the wider world, we can learn about different practices that can help us in our efforts to implement interdisdisciplinarity in our country, while lessons learned in our country can be beneficial for someone else. FINTERDIS encourages membership of foreign scholars working in the Finnish academic context and learning from their experiences and how they perceive our system and its different limitations and possibilities.

FINTERDIS aims to provide grounds for its members to connect internationally. We collaborate closely with the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies; a professional organization with international membership, founded in 1979 in the U.S. The AIS promotes the interchange of ideas among scholars and administrators and embraces diversity as its core value. Read more about AIS on our page titled "Cooperation."

In 2019, the AIS annual conference will hosted for the first time in Europe, at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. The call for papers is already open. We warmly encourage FINTERDIS members to submit and participate!

AIS website and 2019 conference website